Friday, October 15, 2010

It Was A Squirrely Sort of Photo Shoot

Just think I'll rest a while
Dang armpit itches!

Mr. GQ striking a pose

A lil' funny

Wonder what's under there?

Yep! I'm a dude!

Wonder if my butt stinks?

NOW, I think I'll nap!
I spotted this guy lounging in my walnut tree.  Then he decided to put on a show.  He was quite amusing for about 15 minutes. Thirty some pictures later he grew tired of the paparazzi  (moi) and opted for a few zzz's.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cruel as Humans?

Evening time has found my feeders vacant these past couple of days.  Tonight, however, I did have this little visitor.  A Brown Headed Cow Bird.  I was surprised to see him, as he was me, but he did not seem to mind as long as I did not get too close.  My movement about the yard didn't bother him either which was refreshing, since the only other visitors that don't mind me are the nuthatches and squirrels. 
Upon researching to identify this friendly fellow, I found an interesting fact concerning these birds.  
The female cow birds do not nest, they lay their eggs in other bird's nest, abandoning their babies in hopes that whatever host it happens upon ending up with will take care.
It saddens my heart to think that perhaps this little guy, all alone in the early evening, feeding solo, just may have been ostracized from a nest for his unique difference.  
Is it possible birds could be as cruel as humans?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birds and a Squirrel

Checking out the new feeder
Hiding in the brush
There is no place they won't go
Starling at the water hole


Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Bird?

Yeah, I know
Crackle with more blue coloring
Crackle, such pretty birds
Sparrow, thinkin he's an owl
hmm wonder who left this here?
Mourning Dove way up in a tree

Fall is here
I didn't get as much time bird watching today as I normally do.  I was babysitting my Grandson's today.  Our backyard was quite the busy and noisy place, birds don't much care for the romping around.  These were taken pre-babysitting.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Moments Captured Today

Camera Shy Blue Jay
Ok, So I'm not a bird but I am naked, do you mind?
Hmmm, do I like the corn or sunflower seeds?
I seriously think this dude is blind         

And a show off

White Breasted Nuthatch
The cat sleeps as the birds feed outside the window

This Blog

This blog, I dedicate to the nature lover in me.  I spend quite a bit of time outside in my backyard. These past couple of years I have been trying out my green thumb with flower beds & have a new found interest in bird watching/feeding.  Perhaps my own empty nest contributed to this new hobby, which I am learning about & enjoying more every day. Of course, my husband is less than thrilled, the only thing a bird is good for is shitting on your car.  Secretly I desire painting a big red bulls eye on his windshield, lol!

Since I am an amateur and avid photographer, I will be posting tons of photos to accompany the sharing of my leisurely nature activities. A photo journal of my flight to capture the "free bird" within & outside of myself.